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    Let's Install... Wood Wall Pegs!

    Our Wood Wall Pegs come with a toggle bolt intended for installation into drywall/hollow walls. Before you begin, please ensure that the placement of the pegs is not over a wall stud. If you will be installing these into a solid wall or stud, please see below.

    Step 1: Determine where you want to place the peg. Using a 1/2" drill bit, drill a hole through the wall.

    Step 2: Thread the bolt into the bottom of the peg and spin the flanges down so it is almost touching the head of the bolt. 

    Step 3: Fold down the flanges on the bolt and push the bolt and flanges through the hole in the wall. The flanges will pop open once they're through the wall.

    Step 4: Pulling the peg slightly toward you, spin the peg clockwise until it's tight to the wall. 

    Other things to note:  > If you don't have a 1/2" drill bit, use the largest one you have an simply wiggle it as you're drilling, enlarging the hole. 

    > If you remove the peg from the wall, the toggle bolt will simply fall behind the wall. There is no way to remove the toggle bolt from behind the drywall. 

    > If you find yourself over a stud, or in solid walls, you'll need a #10-24 hanger bolt, and depending on the surface you're installing into, an anchor.  

    PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for damage to products during the installation process. However, if you encounter a problem, please contact us and we'll help you work through it to the best of our ability.